Saturday, June 11, 2011

It has been a very long month and a half since my last post. Scott had injured his arm while working at his Mom's clearing trees. We went to an orthopedic doctor in Columbus, GA on May 11th to have it checked out. After a few test, they determined that it was a blood clot in his arm. My Dad also went into the hospital on the 11th with pneumonia. My Dad was a lot more sick that any of us knew. He coded in the early morning hours of the 12th and was unresponsive. We headed back to Alabama on the morning of the 12th.

The doctor wanted to do a follow up with Scott on Thursday, so we did the follow up in Tuscaloosa. They found another blood clot in his arm which had the vein occluded. They sent him to the emergency room and admitted him in to the hospital. So I had my Dad on one floor and Scott on another floor. Scott was discharged from the hospital on the morning of the 14th. My Dad went to Heaven the night of the 14th. He never regained consciousness, but we continued to talk to him throughout. We were very blessed to be surrounded by my Dad's family, my Mom's family, and lifelong friends.

Due to the blood clots, Scott was unable to lift, drive, or ride for long periods of time. We had to go for blood work a couple of times after he was released to check the consistency of his blood. Through his hospitalization, they found out that he had severely thick blood, so they did a round of blood work and then placed him on blood thinner to help dissolve the clots. They had to adjust his blood to a safe level so that we could travel back home. They also would not release him until he had a doctor back in Georgia. We found out this week that he also has a condition called Factor 5 which is a blood clotting disorder. Our daughter Kristi also has Factor 5. She was diagnosed in 2009. With that being said, if a family member is diagnosed with a genetic condition that you could have, go an be checked out. It could save your life.

My Dad's funeral was on the 17th of May. He wore a beautiful red shirt that my Aunt Vanessa had bought for my Uncle Faron or Faron Earl as my Daddy would have called him. As far as funeral goes, it was a great one. Bro. Burns told stories about my Dad.

July 5, 2011

We have finally decided on our store front. We will be opening up a store front in Hogansville, GA sometime the first part of August. It will be in their old jail building, so I guess that makes me a jailbird. Looks like the name as of now will be Embellishments by Dj's Creations. There is alot to do between now and then. I have to learn the laser engraver and need to learn the vinyl cutter. All of this and I'm feeling the need to go to the beach. Only time will tell. Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Looking for a Store Front

It has been a long couple of weeks. We have been busy with orders, which is great. Business is really picking up. We are looking for different locations to potentially open up a store front. This will allow us to open up to many different brands that requires a store front to sell. Hopefully, we will find the perfect location soon.

We enjoyed a few days off together Easter weekend. Scott had taken a few days off for us to spend together for my birthday. They were really great. Then, on April 27th, our home state was devastated by tornadoes. Alabama was hit extremely hard by tornadoes, not once but twice that day. My Mother In Laws house was severely damaged by the tornadoes that went through early that morning. The rest of Tuscaloosa was devastated by the tornadoes that went through that night.

It is heart breaking to see all of the missing houses that use to be there. Businesses have been destroyed and thousands of people have been displaced. The recovery efforts are underway. Rebuilding will be a slow process, but Tuscaloosa will be back stronger than ever.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Promoting Website to Search Engines

My new website has been up for about a month now. Scott has taken alot of time getting it promoted to the many search engines that are now online. I am very happy to say that all of his hard work has started to pay off over the last two weeks. I now selling items on my website, Ebay and Artfire. Making money is what it is all about in the end. I love to check my email and see that I have a new order. It is also fun to see what my customers come up with for the font and color combinations. Today, I learned that I should check my software website regularly. They had added 4 new mofit sets and a new font set. I would have never thought to do this, but I had a request for * to be added to the front and end of the name. I never realized that my software wouldn't normally allow for this. After a brief panic, I started doing searches to see what I could find. To my surprise, I found the updates. Crisis averted! The laser engraver is up an running. We have a wide variety of engravable products on the website now. I still have a lot to learn about it, but it is a great addition to the product line. It gives additional options for personalized gifts.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Lots of New Items and a Laser Engraver

We have tons of new items that have came in recently. A lot of diaper bags, but we have also added totes, cosmetic cases and lunch boxes to the collection. Looks like this is going to be a weekend for organization. My work studio is getting a little crowded with product. What was once a man cave is definitely now the newest addition to my business. There was some denial for a while.

The laser engraver came in on Tuesday. We are waiting until the weekend to get it unpacked and upstairs. We are going to get a table for it and shelves for the bags this weekend. I can't wait to try it out. This will add a lot of product of the line.

Thanks to my wonderful husband, Scott, my website has been totally redone. It looks great if I do say so myself. He has spent a lot of time and effort into getting the website up and running as well as helping my get the business up and running. He is also A LOT cheaper than getting someone else to do it. I am very fortunate and blessed. So, when you have time, go and check out the website. We would love to hear your feedback on the site and our newest products.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Doctors, Doctors, and more Doctors

It seems that all I do lately is go from one doctor to another. I had an ultra sound of my leg today. Tomorrow is surgery day for my left leg. It is outpatient and isn't suppose to take long. I also had an Allergy and Asthma appointment today. I am suppose to start my allergy shots in two weeks if all my symptoms clear up before then. My newest doctor will be a new GI doctor. Apparently alot of my A and A symptoms are irritated by my reflux. It would be nice if when you moved all of your doctors could pack up and come with you. It would save a whole lot of time and explaining.

My new sewing machine is now up and running. I also got my old machine repaired and tuned up. It sews better than new now. My digitizing classes start Thursday. I am really looking forward to them. I can't wait to be able to use my Christmas present. Sergers are going with me to class to get tuned up too.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Life is good and Business is busy!

I was able to pick up my software and bobbins on Saturday. I got my machine on Tuesday. I'm loving it all. I am still trying to figure to my new digitizing software, but they are having classes Feb. 3 and 4 in Atlanta. I haven't had alot of time to sew on my new machine. I took the car to get the oil changed on Wednesday and ended up being there for 4 hours. The oil got changed, but they didn't get anything else fixed that they were suppose to on it. Thursday and Friday was tied up with errands.

Our Friday night was very eventful. We went out to eat at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. After being at home for about 20 minutes, I ended up at the hospital for 5 hours. I lost track of time, so it may have been longer. I still am not feeling that well, but at least I can breathe. It will be a very, very long time before we eat Mexican again with the exception of Taco Casa. I'm back at the Asthma and Allergy doctor on Tuesday, but I doubt that I get to start my allergy shots then.

I got several large orders in last week, so I will be busy with them over the next few weeks. I think my new sewing machine will speed these up. I am also planning to try making some iron on appliques and an eye patch or two. I really enjoy doing the different little projects. The little project is what keeps my mind working.

Life is good and Business is busy! Can't ask for much more.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow/Sleet and Asthma and Allergy

Sunday/Monday, we had a very nasty wintery mix of snow/sleet. It pretty much shut down the hole area where we live for a couple of days. Transfer trucks have been stuck on the interstates around Atlanta, so delivers have been delayed all over the area. UPS is suppose to be making a deliver here today, so hopefully it does not get delayed due to the weather.

I had a follow-up visit today with the asthma and allergy specialist. I was hoping to start my allergy shots. To my disappointment, I got yet another antibiotic and more lab work instead. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but I had already taken the Benadryl that I am suppose to take on the day of my allergy shot. To make a possible very long story short, I am not very groggy from the Benadryl. So instead of working like I need to be, I want to take a nap which can't happen.

I called yesterday to see if my new sewing machine had came in. As of Friday, it still had not arrived. They were closed on Monday and Tuesday due to the weather. I am looking forward to getting my new machine and software. Hoepfully I will be able to pick it up Saturday morning. Also, I have added a favorite links section to my blog. Check them out when you get time.